About Us

BridgeSimulators provides staff and equipment to satisfy almost all the needs for your event. All you need to provide is electricity, a roof over our heads and chairs for the attendees to sit in. We bring our own tables, computer equipment, projectors, staff and more!

A full list of BridgeSimulators and event organizer responsibilities is available upon request.

Event Types

Corporate Events or Team Building - Our games are a great for teambuilding or improving communication between employees. We will help you develop a solution that best fits your company's needs.

Private Parties - Having a Star Trek, BSG, Space or Sci-Fi themed party? We offer a great game experience to everyone from teen birthday parties to business parties.

Conventions - BridgeSimulators is a great fit for conventions. If you have a video game room, or just a spare bit of space, our games are a great way to keep your attendees entertained between panels.

Some of the public events/conventions we've worked with include: GenCon, North East Comic Con, Temple Con, VA Comic Con, Fandemicon, AwesomeCon, Grand Rapids Comic Con, RVAcon, Shore Leave, Youmacon, RocCon, MAGFest 13, MAGClassic, Up in the Aether and Central PA Comic Con

AwesomeConNorthEast Comic ConGenConVA Comic ConUp in the AetherMAGFest 8.5TempleConGrand Rapids Comic ConCentral PA Comic ConMAGfest RocConFANDEMICONShore Leave
Youmacon rvacon.org


BridgeSimulators has staff in several states. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, New York, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Connecticut to name a few. However, we're willing to travel for you! So if you're in the United States or Canada we can work something out.


Nexus Gaming Alliance BridgeSimulators is pleased to announce its partnership with Nexus Gaming Alliance. NGA works with many large conventions and together our two companies can address the eGaming needs of any convention. Our first joint event will be GenCon 2015.


BridgeSimulators is open to developing relationships with new games, event planners, party planners, convention organizers and anyone else interested in our services.